psychology discussion questions

Chapter 5 – States of Consciousness

1.   Do you think dreams are meaningful (Freud) or meaningless (Activation-Synthesis Hypothesis)?  Why?

2.   What are the pros and cons of medical marijuana? Do you think it should be legalized; if so why, if not why not?

3.   Have you ever been hypnotized? Is so, what was it like?  If not, would you like to be and why?

4.   Have you ever used any meditation techniques in your daily life? If so, what were they and did they work for you?

Chapter 6 – Learning

1.   B. F. Skinner discussed superstitious behavior regarding his research on pigeons.  What are some cultural superstitions? How do you think they came about, and why do they exist?  Do you have any personal superstitions that affect your behavior?

2.   What role does observational learning and modeling play in your life?  How does it affect your behavior?

Please read attachment of the overview of chapter 5 and 6, then answer the questions.

Is a college psychology online class discussion, so don’t have to use really complicated words and each question please answer in 2-3 sentences.

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