read the case analyze besed on directions(need 3 pages) 1 answer below »

read the case analyze besed on directions(need 3 pages)

1. Provide a background information in general for the case(no more than half page)- the background should contain the oil and and gas industry at the time
2. Give all background information on the acquisitions T. Boone Peckins attempted during that period in time. The case mentioned couple cases where T. Boone Peckins attempted to takeover those company. You should do some outside research on these case and provide those information.
3. You need to mention the following points for each type of acquisition
a. If the corporate raiders really interested in the company because they wanted to manage and can improve the company
b. Or, do they think the company need market govern (look it up if you don’t know what is it)
c. Are they green mail (look it up if you don’t) – it mentioned in couple acquisition
4. Do research and discuss about T. Boone Peckins today
5. Conclusion

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