Recommending a Research Method/Design to your Problem

Required Reading:
Bhattacherjee, A. (2012). Research Design, Social Science Research:Principles, Methods, and Practices (pp. 47-50). USF Tampa Bay Open Access Textbooks Collection. Book 3. (Links to an external site.)
Blackstone, A. (2012). Research Design, Principles of Sociological Inquiry (pp. 51- 58)
Trochim W. and J. Donnelly (2008). Design, The Research Knowledge Base (3 ed.).Mason, Ohio: Cengage Learning. (Links to an external site.)
Write a 3-5 paper where you take the research problem presented in Module 1 and propose a research method and qualitative or quantitative design to help address your problem and corresponding research question(s). Please make sure you answer the following questions:
What particular characteristics of your research study supported the selection of this method and research design? Include supporting evidence from similar empirical studies in the literature that align with your recommendation.
In what ways does your design or method differ from others in the literature?
The second part of your paper should include a section where you discuss any potential limitations (and how you plan to address these) or assumptions that must be made in order for the research study to be executed flawlessly.
Make sure you submit your paper according to APA guidelines.
Keys to the Assignment:
The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include the following:
Recommend a research method and research design to a practical problem of your choice (defined in Module 1).
Use the literature to strengthen your argument and rationale for the recommendations offered.
Compare your proposed methodology and design with other studies (similar in nature) currently in the literature.
Discuss potential assumptions and limitations that must be considered in order to execute your study flawlessly.

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