Reflective journal

For each week, students need to make journal entries that provide a reflection of their ‘journey’ of gaining, and applying knowledge of international business and global entrepreneurship. For each week students should reflect and compare the theoretical knowledge with what they apply into practice. Students should clearly identify learning goals achieved.
please, Make sure to clearly identify the thesis statement that includes three- and the TOPIC can be ant topic about global enterprenurship.
the point which is the points that you will talk about them in the body paragraph.
the essay has to be five paragraphs and in each paragraph five sentences. use one resource such as news, and make sure to include the links and to be easy access on it.
. the most important is to put my feeling on the essay and thoughts about how these goals will be relative to my real career or job.
here’s some of my work background: If that does not help try to find news that is related to the topic and use it as a resource for the essay.
I worked on international business in my country.
I owned a bakery in the US, we produced products that define my culture in the bakery.
Also, you can use a news as a refreces or an article.
please note that the professor used a program.

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