Research Paper on Cyberbullying and suicide among adolescents

3 Page research paper due November 20 as late as you want. Just needs to be given to me before the 21st. You dont have to look up the research. I have posted the resources for the research. 


Define issue/problem.  What are the causes of this problem, or what led up to this policy/law?  What group of people is most affected by this problem? Why? How are they affected? What are the potential risks to society and to the people affected by this problem if we fail to address this issue?

                                       10 points:  What values and ethics of criminal justice are involved in this problem? What do your sources of information tell you about the problem? What different viewpoints and perspectives are presented? What are some ideas to resolve the problem?

                                              This paper should have a cover sheet with title “Social Issue” and your name/date.  The paper length should be 3-5 pages (not including cover sheet or reference page), double-space with margins of 1” on all sides.

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