Resources Table 8.1 on page 139 of Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ch. 8 and the…

Resources: Table 8.1 on page 139 of Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ch. 8 and the organization (Alibaba) you selected in the Week 2 Individual Assignment

Write a 3 to 4 page [**full-sentence] business plan outline using the organization (Alibaba) selected in Week 2.

Create a concise, understandable business plan outline for this organization – to enter a global market in which they are not already doing business (see section 2 of Table 8.1).

Be prepared to discuss elements of your business plan during class.

Be sure to include the following: Description of the business Description of the industry Technology Plan Marketing Plan Financial Plan Production Plan Organizational Plan Operations Plan Inclu 8.1

[**full-sentence means exactly what it states, not less. Bulleted or topic-only style outlines will not be considered sufficient and will earn no more than up to 50% of total possible grade]. Your outline may contain multiple sentences per topic/sub-topic, to fully answer the points listed above, but should strive to NOT be a body of work which otherwise would be considered a paper or detailed business plan. This outline would be the pretext to writing a more substantive, full business plan, which is NOT required. Relevant graphs, charts, and tables should be included ONLY as appendices AT END of your outline – and NOT USED in place of describing that portion of your business plan within the plan/outline document.

Format your outline consistent with APA guidelines.

Please have completed by 1600 pst on due date, thank you.

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