Running head MARKETING1Marketing 100Strayer UniversityMARKETING2Electronics Club (EC)My companyâ??s

Running head: MARKETING1Marketing 100Strayer UniversityMARKETING2Electronics Club (EC)My company’s name is Electronics Club (EC). We have been in business for overfive years, EC is prospering as one of the favourite companies for its clients. The founder isAlex Baker. Our Mission Statement is to build-up shareholder value by delivering products,services and solutions in innovative and cost effective ways.The Electronics Club (EC) Company is proud to present its Business Plan. The stateof Florida has had a long and exciting history of growth and innovation that continues to thisday. It is also a beautiful state for businesses that can promote opportunities and exploit thembefore the race.The Products and Services include MEMS sensors, Ultrasonic level sensors. Nonscale Impulse radar Transceivers, Laser and laser-based technologies. The product is packedin a brown colour box which is made of hard cardboard with inside of it soft cotton, so thatthe product may not damage. The box is of rectangular shape having dimension of 10 × 8inches. The characteristics of the product must be mentioned on the top side of the packingalong with its specification.To target new clients through existing customer base. Make old patrons to bring theirsupport system to industry by make known to ‘refer a friend’ policy. In addition, special offerscan also be presented to a person who has brought new business to you by convincing afriend [ CITATION Tin111 l 1033 ]. Give out samples of product, either outside premises,MARKETING3which would enable to collect data for future use. Try that anyone who is handing outsamples is representing your business. He might be wearing a headband or shirt labelled withyour logo.Tell-tale sign in line of work or pamphlets and websites. Another way of marketingyour brand name is reaching a particular demographic and showcasing the product. An on thego description and an agreeable picture of a product has always proved beneficial. It isfundamentally getting an announcement for free. Try learning from experiences of othersrather than trying on your own. First-time buyers should be dealt on priority basis. It has adouble advantage. Make sure that you make a long lasting relationship with your clients.There should be a minimal number of frequent buyers. Collect contact details of all clients.The more organized your costumers’ details will be, the more chances you have for achievingsuccess.Use everyone you know. First of all, get your friends and family to help you out. Helpthem in understanding your work. You are the best promoter of your business, therefore,present your best. Inspire them for building your confidence for the business [ CITATIONSma131 l 1033 ]. Ask them the favour to tell about it to the people they know. If you cannotafford a stand, try engaging with many people to let them know what business you are doing.It can produce excellent results. The theory of marketing is that you need to keep a keen eyeon the output. It is important because you need to make sure of your business activity. Youneed to predict and analyse if you are spending your time and money in the right way. In thisregard, asking new clients how they came to know about you is a helpful suggestion.MARKETING4ReferencesCasey, T. (2011, April 21). targeting Customer respond. Retrieved January 29, 2015, fromTriple Pundit:, (2013). Retrieved January 29, 2015, from

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