SECTION 1 Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module Individual Report 3000 words… 1 answer below »


Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module:

Individual Report: 3000 words (weighting :50%)


Description of Assessment Requirements

The Assignment

Taking an international or domestic organisation that you believe has achieved superior performance in the past year, use relevant frameworks and models to appraise critically the strategy of this company. If you choose a very large organisation ,you should focus on a single international division .Cite evidence in support of your arguments.

In your answer ensure that you clearly identify what criteria you have used to conclude that it has ‘achieved the superior performance’, for example, through competitive positioning , financial performance, value creation and others. Also be aware that the structure of the organisation (consolidations , mergers , subsdiaries ) can sometimes make performance issues difficult to gauge and when this is evident you should draw reader’s attention to it.

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