Social work

SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY PAPER: Your paper (6-8 typed pages, double-spaced) must be an analysis of a topic presented in class via PowerPoint, readings, or a related topic. The paper should demonstrate outside research and sources. Discussion should include the relevance of the topic in respect to social welfare policy. Describe the impact, values and beliefs, and extent of the effect on society. How does this issue relate to social work, and your ideas and suggestions for possible future action?
To help structure your paper, the following suggestions can be used as a guide:
Identify the problem and the way it is defined (you must cite who defined the problem).
Identify the causes to which the problem is attributed (in-text citation must accompany the causes).
What are the values and beliefs that make the events of concern defined as a social problem?
Why is or is not this concern being raised as a problem at this time in history?
Is this a “new” problem?
What ideologies, theories, or paradigms of the social welfare system are relevant? Why?
Who is now defining this issue as a social problem and how is that different from the past?
What conditions are different? How is society different?
Who has power in regard to this issue?
What social welfare policies and programs are relevant to the problem? Is there a role for social work? If so, what is the role of social work?
Is the problem adequately addressed by present social welfare policies and programs?
Is there more or less which should be done?
What are your suggested changes or approaches to the problem?
Utilize APA formatting in order to cite the references for the paper. The paper must include a reference list at the end. Include current and up-to-date citations and references in the paper.

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