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Hi,I want to submit an application to a PhD program and they require “Statement of Purpose”Which has to answer all these questions in essay format:What you want to study at graduate school?Why you want to study it?What experience you have in your field?What you plan to do with your degree once you have it?I already wrote an essay but I don’t feel comfortable. I want someone to rewrite it again in excellent academic way to hook the professor whomever going to read it. I attached three things:1) SOP that I wrote.2) SOP edited version. someone did a proofreading for me and he did some correction in red color.3) The third attachment is my resume; which could help writing the SOP.
The university that I want to apply for is University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.I want to do PhD in Electrical Engineering and my research interest is power systems with a focus on the impact of renewable resources integration.
Although I want to apply for University of Minnesota, I want my SOP to be general so if i want to to apply for another school I can simply take the university name out.
Thanks a lot.

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