Strategic Analysis Of An Australian Company 1 answer below »

Subject: Business Strategy BO1BSRE301

Assessment item 2: Strategic Analysis Of An Australian Company

Weighting: 30%

Due:Week 10. A daily penalty of 5% will be applied to late assignments.

Task:You are to conduct an environmental analysis of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Australian-based banking company, covering the sections listed below.

The report will analyse the business and make a conclusion about the performance of the company.

The key sections to be included in the report are: Title page; Executive summary; Contents, Introduction; Internal Analysis (Management talent; Resources & Capabilities); External Analysis (Macro and Micro); Conclusion; Bibliography and Appendix.

Appropriate facts and figures on the market and competitors must be included, as well as appropriate and relevant data on consumer preferences and market trends.

It is essential to avoid general, unsupported statements and or unreferenced material.

Word limit:Maximum length 2000 words – around 5.5 pages – not including the title page, executive summary, table of contents and appendices.

Format:The report style is of a business/managerial report. References must follow the Harvard referencing style.

Turnitin:All assignments must be submitted to Turnitin, which checks for copied and unreferenced material. The class code and access password will be available on the subject site on SIS.

Marking criteria:Marks are based on how each of the specified areas are discussed and explained. Grammar and writing style helps, but it does not take marks away. Copied material is given little credit, because it is expected that students do the analysis based on their understanding of the concepts.

Marking Criteria



· Executive summary


· Introduction


· Internal analysis: ownership, management skill, performance analysis (sales, profit, share price, market share, etc)


· External analysis: Macro-environmental (PEST) analysis


· External analysis: Micro-environmental analysis


· Conclusion


· Referencing


· Research


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