Strategic Decision and its characteristics… 1 answer below »


Descriptive Questions

Choose 3 out of the 6 below essay questions to answer. Be sure to provide complete answers to the questions.

Question 1

1.1 What is a strategic decision and what are its three characteristics?

1.2 Briefly describe the Mintzberg’s and Quinn modes of Strategic decision making.

1.3 Explain the strategic decision process.

Question 2

Answer the following questions from the perspective of Porter’s industry analysis diagram –

2.1 When do suppliers have a stronger bargaining power? State at least 3 reasons.

2.2 When do consumers have a stronger bargaining power? State at least 3 reasons.

2.3 Is Pepsi Cola a substitute for Coca-Cola? Justify your answer

Question 3

Explain in details Porter’s Competitive Strategies using the diagram below:

Question 4

4.1 Name and define the basic elements of the strategic planning process.

4.2 Define mission and vision and what role the organization vision plays in the strategic

planning process

Question 5

5.1 Define diversification strategy and give examples of diversification.

5.2 What are the two types of diversification strategies (name and define both)

Question 6

6.1 Define and explain the VRIO framework.

6.2 Explain the difference between core and distinctive organizational competency.


Case Study

Read and answer any 5 questions of your choice related to the case study Apple Inc 2010.

1. Explain Apple’s Inc achieve its strategy from the perspective of cost and differentiation.

2. Analyze the Personal Computer industry. Are the dynamics favourable or problematic for Apple?

3. How sustainable is Apple’s competitive position in PCs? Explain fully and justify your answer.

4. How sustainable is Apple’s competitive position in MP3 Players?

5. How sustainable is Apple’s competitive position in Smartphone? Use the VRIO framework to address this question.

6. Discuss howApple places itself in a position of strength relative to industry forces.Apply Porter’s five forces model.

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