Strategic Management

This is an individual assignment.The assignment requires the individual to analyze a real-life case, conduct an analysis of an organization and its strategies undertaken by the organization and prepare a report.

A. Apple

Required to prepare a report amounting to no more then 1,500-word.The report will require you to look into 1 particular organization and chose any of the 3 points below and what strategies are chosen by the organization to tackle each group.

• Customers

• Suppliers

• Competitors

The report must clearly specify which 3 points are chosen from above and what are the various activities, benefits, programs that the organization has introduced, why they have decided to go down that path and how successful have they been in not only implementing the strategies.

The group report should include an introduction, background of the firm and a conclusion at the end of the report to reflect upon the key points.


a.The Individual Component

Essay Length:

Write at least of 1500 words excluding references, headers and footers.

Essay Submission:

A professional written presentation, using APA Referencing, page numbering, and headers and footers.Attention must be paid to grammar and spelling.Please think carefully about your rationale to ensure that each point supports your concept.


Your research into relevant topics is to show depth and diversity. The reference list should contain at least 5 items cited throughout each essay and listed at the end of the work. Failure to acknowledge the original writer/ author will tantamount to plagiarism and will result in a fail grade.

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