Strategic Online Marketing



Think of a new business idea and write a business proposal for theoretical investors. In your proposal you should: Outline      your business idea, develop your brand mission and purpose drawing from      your knowledge of Why-How-What framework Use a relevant      business framework to define your business, which should include all the      main features, including your value proposition, customers, activities,      channels, resources, revenue streams and cost structure Drawing      from your knowledge of SOSTAC framework, produce a marketing plan for the      year 1 of your business. As the business is in the idea formation stage,      not all elements within the SOSTAC framework will be relevant for you.      However, you need to demonstrate your ability to evaluate your current situation      in the market, set clear objectives, recommend relevant strategy      (including clearly describing your target audience), tactics for achieving      the objectives as well as your ability to manage actions and understand      the key metrics Suggest      opportunities for scaling the business up in the future

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