Strategic Project Management Assessment Title Performance Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation…

Strategic Project Management Assessment Title: Performance Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation Weighting: 40% Total Marks: 40 . Assessment Description . You are required to read the following case study and prepare a Performance Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation of no more than 20 slides including accompanying notes of no more than 100 words per slide based on the information contained in the case study. Case Study – DeGrandis Sporting Goods DeGrandis Sporting Goods is a large Australian retailer of exercise and sporting equipment. The company sells a number of well-known international brands including, ASICS, Adidas, Nike, Puma and, to a much lesser extent, the company’s own private label product range, called DeGrandis. The board of directors have recently approved a new strategic plan developed by company CEO Fergus DeGrandis that includes doubling revenues from the sale of the DeGrandis private label product range within three years by establishing a strong network of reliable Chinese sporting goods suppliers. The board of directors did make one significant addition to Fergus’s proposed plan before approving it: the DeGrandis private label product range must only include products of exceedingly high quality so as to earn the company the reputation of being the retailer of the highest quality sporting goods sold in Australia. Within the DeGrandis Sporting Goods project portfolio, three new projects have been implemented since the approval of the new strategic plan: 1. Project A – DeGrandis Running Shoes Project A introduced the DeGrandis private label running sho

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