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Strategy and Complex Adaptive Systems With these thoughts in mind:

Explain and discuss, within a complexity theory framework, how small changes in a system can lead to large, or even radical transformational changes in an organization. You may also wish to show how understanding organizations as complex adaptive systems can affect the innovation process as well as leadership.

Prepare a 4- to 6-paragraph integrated essay based upon this question. Your essay should be written in APA format and should include APA-formatted citations for each reading that you cite. Your post should follow the template provided in the Integrated Essay Guidelines file in Doc Sharing. You should base your posting on the assigned Resources for the week, and you are encouraged to integrate other articles and resources where appropriate. Be sure to address the core concepts and arguments of the readings in their relevant context. In addition, evaluate the logical flow of the portion of the argument or arguments that pertain to the Discussion topic. Extend the conversation by identifying implications for practice or research, as well as for your own doctoral study research agenda where appropriate. Be sure to integrate one or two new related and engaging questions that will extend the discussion about your post in constructive ways.

• Address the content of each colleague’s analysis and evaluation of the topic, and of the integration of the relevant resources.

• Address the question(s) posed by each colleague for further discussion.

• Link each colleague’s posting to other colleagues’ postings or to other course materials and concepts, where appropriate and relevant.

• Include proper APA citations.

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