Tameaka Notebook

 notebook1.doc (27 KB) RubricLabreport.doc (36 KB)

Writing the Lab Report in Your Notebook Attached Files: LabReportDirections.doc (31.5 KB)

Protozoan and Microorganism Laboratory Attached Files: Bio 102 Microorganism lab.docx (410.33 KB )

Data Collection Sheet for Ecology Project Attached Files: Ecology Data Collection Sheet Fall 2016.docx (13.275 KB )

 Ecology Project Directions Attached Files: MicroenvironmentExpDirections.docx (14.46 KB )  Animal Tissues Lab Attached Files: Animal Tissues Handout.doc (1.089 MB )  Rat Dissection Directions Attached Files: Rat Dissection directions.doc (454 KB )Sheep Heart Dissection Attached Files: sheepheartbiocorner.docx (715.723 KB )  Sheep Kidney Lab Attached Files: Dissection of Kidney.doc (542 KB )  Sheep Brain Dissection Attached Files: Sheep Brain Dissection 1.docx (2.735 MB )  Sheep Pluck Dissection Attached Files: Lab X sheep pluck dissection.doc (36 KB )

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