Time Diary Phase

Phase 2 Directions:This is an individual assignment.
Please write approximately 3 pages analyzing your Time Diary data collection.
Your paper should include the following elements, in the following order:
An introduction paragraph that summarizes the main ideas you will cover in your paper.
The body of your paper in which you should address the following topics:Topic 1: Describe your overall time use.What (if anything) about your time use surprised you?
Describe either your use of technology or your social/alone time (depending on the analysis you chose in Phase I).
How is your leisure time use similar to or different from the general population?See the “American Time Use Survey” chart below for information on how people in the US spend their leisure time:

Topic 2: Look at the emotion and stress variables in your Phase 1 data.Overall, how stressed were you? Overall, what was your emotional state?
What trends do you observe (e.g. When are you most/least stressed? When are you happiest/least happy?)
What activities are related to fluctuations in emotions and stress?

Topic 3: Reflect on how your leisure connects to your overall health/wellness.What about your leisure supports your health/wellness? How?
What about your leisure detracts from your health/wellness? How?
Reflecting on your time-use data, are there any behaviors you would change to better support your own health and human development?

A conclusion paragraph that describes your key takeaways from the assignment.
A references page (on a separate page, does not count towards page total).You must cite a minimum of three outside source citations. Citations should be used for all definitions of key terms as well as to denote any outside sources you referred to in your paper. Sources include:

Peer-reviewed articles
Internet articles from reputable sources (i.e. NPR, CNN, university websites, non-profit organizations). Please do not cite Wikipedia. If in doubt, ask me beforehand.
Class lectures/notes do not count, but course readings do.

You must use APA formatting for both in-text citations and your references list.
Formatting Guidelines:Separate sections using headers in your document.
12-point font, 1” margins, double spaced.
Name and page number in the header of the document. No other titles, other information at top of page.
In topic 1, I attached the first assignment which is (time diary phase 1) which you need to get back to it some times to look at the information provided there.

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