University Town’s (UT) revisit to the City Charter


University Town’s (UT) revisit to the City Charter:

Analyze and respond to the respective case study in a two to three paged paper. All questions provided in the case study should be addressed in the narrative using the APA format. For this paper, you are not required to provide an abstract or a cover sheet.  Please support your analysis with a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources

The government of University Town (UT) revisited the city charter as part of the routine 10-year renewal. Most of the components, such as governmental structure, city property, public safety offices, and political units were reviewed without any major discussion or changes. However, an overwhelming number of citizens attended an open meeting and requested language in the charter surrounding municipal citizenship and vaccinations. When questioned for the reason surrounding this request, it turns out several UT’s newer residents have not vaccinated children according to CDC guidelines, and UT’s existing residents are frightened. Despite healthcare provider education from UT Hospital, fear presides.

  • Should UT add mandatory vaccinations to the city charter? Why or why not?
  • Consider the implications to both those supportive of the change and those opposed. What issues may there be with enforcement of such a change? What exemptions, if any, should be included in the wording?

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