Virtual tour

You will create a 10 minute virtual tour of a “cultural museum” that teaches your audience about a particular culture.  The museum that you select must be within the United States. For example, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Ellis Island, Charles H. Wright African American Museum, etc. You will create a “virtual tour” of the museum by creating a PowerPoint presentation with at least one slide dedicated to each “room” of the museum. You must provide the history of the museum through the use of visual imagery. You might choose to display some of the objects/artifacts that would be included in the museum, audio or video clips related to the spaces, or text that might appear on the displays or signs at the museum. Be sure you have a title slide with the name of the museum you chose on it.  Your final product should be very creative AND very realistic. You will have to do extensive research on the museum that you choose.  Your audience should walk away from your presentation with the feeling that they have just left the museum.  The audience should also gain new information about the culture that they did not know before your presentation.  You will also need to submit a reference page using APA format.  This should be primarily a visual tour.  Please limit any text on slides to short headings and/or bullet points.   I do not require any citations for images/photos.  

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