W03_PA: Musical Type

AfterEffects Settings:HDTV 1080 29.97Width: 1920pxHeight: 1080pxSquare PixelsFrame Rate: 29.97Duration: 0:00:10:00Background-Color: Black
Design Requirements
These design requirements are a little difficult to set since it’ll really depend on the song you choose but these are minimums:At least 3 Text Layers over the course of the Animation
At least 1 Animation preset
At least 3 Text layer animation options
Audio of the song you’re using synced up to the animation

Pick a song that you really like and select a 10-second portion of it.
Import the audio and then using the text animation options that we went over this week, animate the lyrics to the song.
Take into consideration color, speed, scale, position, etc. to help emphasize the words you hear with the song in the background!
After finishing, export all 10 seconds of the animation as an MP4 using Adobe Media Encoder or the Render Queue.

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