Week 1Discussion How do I start a business without starring on Shark Tank?COLLAPSEOverall…

Week 1Discussion: How do I start a business without starring on Shark Tank?COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your Rating:12345Watch the introduction video, where you will meet the main characters for the scenarios you will follow throughout this course. Then, view the “Week 1 Scene 1†and “Week 1 Scene 2†scenarios, located here. From the scenarios, Chris stated that there are many factors to consider related to starting a business. Discuss the key factors for consideration, and explain why you believe these considerations are important for Chris and Erica’s vision for their restaurant business.Week 2COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your Rating:12345View the “Week 2 Scene 1†and “Week 2 Scene 2†scenarios. From the scenarios, Lena explained to Chris and Erica that they need to determine how the surrounding restaurants in their selected location can impact their business. Suggest key steps they should take to make this determination, and recommend at least three (3) strategies they can use to differentiate their business from the other restaurants.Reply QuoteWeek 3Discussion: Don’t miss that opportune moment!COLLAPSEOverall Rating:12345Your Rating:12345View the “Week 3 Scene 1†and “Week 3 Scene 2†scenarios. From the scenarios, Erica and Chris have determined their weaknesses after performing a SWOT analysis. However, they have yet to identify opportunities for their business. Determine two (2) potential opportunities specific to their restaurant’s business environment, and discuss how the partners can take advantage of these opportunities.Week 4COLLAPSEOverall Rating:• 1• 2• 3• 4• 5Your Rating:• 1• 2• 3• 4• 5• View the “Week 4 Scene 1†and “Week 4 Scene 2†scenarios. From the scenarios, we see that Chris and Erica have different communication styles that could potentially have a negative impact on the business. Suggest at least two (2) strategies that these partners can use to improve on these weaknesses, and explain why you believe these strategies would be effective for running the business.

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