What will the output be from the following code

i have answered some of the questions in these so if you could double check for me if they are right and adjust any that need adjusting…. also if you could answer the remaining question these are easier than the others that you did answer. 1. What will the output be from the following code? num = 4 4(num) num*=2 8(num) num1=num+2 10(num1) num1+=3 13(num1) print(num1) 13(output) 2. What do the following lines of code output? Why do they give a different answer? print(2 / 3) 0.6666666666666666(output) quotient: / print(2 // 3) 0(output) integer quotient: // quotient(/) gives you an exact answer including decimal points while integer quotient(//) rounds up the answer to the nearest number 3. All of the variable names below can be used. But which of these is the better variable name to use? A a Area AREA area areaOfRectangle AreaOfRectangle The best variable name to use is “areaOfRectangle”

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