why pediatric dentists use stainless steel crowns on kids

Purpose: Establish a topic for your Critical Review Paper to be completed in Week 7. In Week 7 of this class, you will write a Critical Review Paper. You will apply skills learned during this course to complete a critical appraisal of a self-selected peer-reviewed, published research study. For this assignment, you will choose a topic for which you will locate related research evidence. You will formulate a clinical question for the topic and begin to plan a search strategy to locate a relevant research study to help you answer the clinical question for your topic. To prepare for this assignment, you should have: ● Read Chapter 3 in the textbook ● Viewed all videos/topics for Week 3 ● Completed the PPAARE/PICO Assignment in this week’s lesson Instructions: 1. Write 1-2 paragraphs about a clinical topic or clinical problem you would like to explore within your field of study. This could be based on a health care situation you have encountered in your work; a question you and your work colleagues have been discussing; a current issue or debate within your field of study; or a practice, procedure, or process you would like to see incorporated into your current work setting. The topic should be one that you know there is current (past 10 years) research on. 2. Discuss why this is important to your job, your organization, or your field of study. 3. Formulate a focused clinical question for the topic or problem using either the PPAARE or PICO model. 4. List three different search engines and/or databases that you would like to use to search for evidence. 5. Create a table like the one for the PPAARE/PICO assignment to demonstrate key words/phrases, alternative words/phrases and excluded words/phrases for your search. This assignment will establish Step 1 and 2 of the EBP process and initiate a plan for your Critical Review Paper Assignment to be completed in Week 7. You will have opportunities to RSH 350 – Critical Review Topic Assignment Instructions 2 make adjustments to this plan as you move forward, but this should serve to get you headed in the right direction. 

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