Working in groups of 4-5 students you look at an industry of your choice in the city of your… 1 answer below »

Working in groups of 4-5 students, you look at an industry of your choice in the city of your studies. You should assume that you wish to open a new company in the industry chosen in a specific location. As you have no previous experience in the industry, you need to examine the industry to get an idea of what it is all about. You need to know who and what your competitors are (low price, medium price, high price, etc) and how the market is made up. You are simulating the possibility of opening a new store and fitting it into the existing marketplace structure. You should read the section on “analysing industry structure” in the textbook on page 70 and Porter’s five forces model on page 71.

Write a report outlining the strategic groups in the industry and how they relate, and where you think your new store will fit. Thus chapter 3 (External analysis) is relevant. However, do not get distracted by thinking about detailed operational matters as you need to think about the market entry in terms of strategic management!

Use the following headings in your assignment:

1. Introduction – type of outlet you are going to open (and why)

2. Types of stores operating in the industry in the city

3. The macro-environment – briefly discuss main factors

4. Porters model – discuss the five forces in terms of the industry

5. The industry life cycle – where is the industry?

6. Strategic recommendations at functional and business level

If you cannot obtain the data that you need make assumptions– not all will be easily available. Required are a detailed discussion of market conditions and the scenario your business is operating in. Marking takes into account that you may need to use your imagination to apply some of the theoretical material to the real world. The presentation should cover the above in a 15 minutes presentation.


Analysis of the environment 3

Key Resources and Capabilities, CSF 3

Strategies used by the company in question 3

Recommendation and Justification 3

Essay format, referencing and overall impression of excellence 3

Total Marks 15



Introduction and classification of businesses 3

Macro-Environment 4

Classification of existing businesses in the industry 4

Industry life cycle 4

Recommendations 7

Report format, presentation and referencing 3



Overall flow of presentation, eye contact etc. 3

Validity of contents presented 5

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