Writing skills 3. Essay of 750-2500 words 1 answer below »

I need an essay ( personal experience) not facts like in a book.

Using everything you have learned from this course, finish the paper you began in Part 1 and revised in Part 2. Your final essay should be between 750 and 2,500 words long. If you are typing your paper, us- ing a font equivalent to Times New Roman 12, with standard one- inch margins and double spacing, your paper should be between three and ten pages.

Before submitting your work for grading, be sure the paper follows a logical order, and check your writing to make sure you are sticking to a single point of view. Make certain that you are offering your per- sonal experience, and remember that factual and/or generalized infor- mation is not acceptable. Do your best to add a hook to the beginning of your essay, and try to give your writing punch

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