You serve as the change leader for Delta Pacific Company (DPC). Up until this point the… 1 answer below »

Study and assignments focused on three change models

· Kurt Lewin: Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze

· ADKAR: Focuses on the actions and outcomes required for change

· John Kotter: Eight-step process for change Leading Change Strategic Plan

Competencies Analyze leadership and management roles in change management Evaluate different change management models Examine various roles in change management Analyze methods for understanding and mapping change in an organization Critique strategies for removing barriers to change Examine leadership’s role in executing successful change

Scenario Information

Delta Pacific Case Study(attached)

You serve as the change leader for Delta Pacific Company (DPC). Up until this point, the organizational culture has been one that is traditional to the company in a manufacturing environment.

DPC has undergone an extensive change from manufacturing to consulting, including new employee roles and responsibilities, training, and resources. However, there have been organizational barriers and employee resistances to the changes, resulting in declining profitability.


You have decided to design a Change Leadership Strategy plan to present to the leaders of DPC to meet their goal of changing the culture from the more traditional manufacturing environment to one of a contemporary consulting environment. To complete your Leading Change Plan, please include the following:

Prepare a training manual that:

Breakdown of the current issues that Delta Pacific are facing Analyzation of change leadership strategy to be implemented Classify what type of leader mindset is needed to create a new environment Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of two popular change models – at least 3 similarities and 3 differences. Choose the one that you feel best complements your strategy Explain how the change model you decided to use will ensure the most effective and efficient process of changing an organizational culture Construct a leadership team Explain the importance of the leader’s position within each area of the change plan Include examples of what the leaders should expect during the change process Continue with your plan to explain at least two specific organizational barriers and at least two specific employee resistance behaviors that are most likely to occur during an organizational culture change Design strategies to combat those barriers and resistance behaviors Discuss the behaviors that DPC’s leaders need to exhibit to ensure a positive and successful cultural Include the top mistakes leaders make during an organizational culture change and your recommendations to avoid those mistakes (module 6). </pclass=”msonormal”>

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