Your task is to complete and make a research report based on the following Perform intrusion…

This assignment assesses the following Unit Learning Outcomes; students should be able to
demonstrate their achievements in them.
c) Evaluate intelligent security solutions based on data analytics
d) Analyse and interpret results from descriptive and predictive data analysis
Assignment Overview
For this assignment, you will analyses and evaluate one public dataset for Network Intrusion dataset,
which is given in table 1.
Your task is to complete and make a research report based on the following:
1- Perform intrusion detection using the available data analytics techniques (WEKA) or other
platforms, as per the instructions provided in section 1.
2- In consultation with your lecturer, you are to choose at least three data analytic techniques
for network intrusion detection and prepare a technical research report. Evaluate the
performance of data analytic techniques in intrusion detection using comparative analysis.
3- Recommend with the justification, the suitable security solution from the comparative study
of the selected data analytic techniques.

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