114. Describe how GE has used market-driven strategic planning in regards to corporate and SBU…

114. Describe
how GE has used market-driven strategic planning in regards to corporate and
SBU planning.

115. Amanda
White, the new CEO of the Too Big Corporation, wants to use the BCG model to
analyze the corporation. You are to oversee the project that must be completed
in the next 60 days. Amanda has called a meeting for corporate executives and
the presidents of the eleven strategic business units. Your task at the meeting
is to explain the BCG model and how you will implement it. What will you say?
Include any weaknesses of the BDG model.

116. Really
Smart Consulting Partners uses the GE Business Screen when analyzing business
for clients. Tyrone, a senior partner, has prepared a report telling a client
to sell a strategic business unit. How does the report justify the
recommendation to sell? What kind of analysis would you expect to be

117. Describe
how GE holds each individual SBU accountable for its functional level

118. In
the vast majority of companies the conflicting demands of securing sensitive
information and open disclosure of business procedures exist relatively
harmoniously. However, occasionally the system fails and the result is scandal
and even criminal activity. Hewlett-Packard (HP), one of the leading global
technology companies, recently found itself involved in a scandal that led to
the dismissal of two members of its Board of Directors and the firing of
several employees. Describe how HP came to be in this position. Do you think
the people involved were unethical by nature?

119. This
chapter discusses the Boston Consulting Group Growth-Share Matrix and Generic
Business Strategies. How do these models relate? Which growth strategy would
you recommend for companies or SBUs in each of the four cells of the BCG

120. Marta,
a partner of Apex Corp., a business solutions consulting firm, has a client who
is creating its first marketing plan. The client needs a marketing plan
template. What standard items would be included that Marta would give her

121. Describe
the factors included in the external environmental analysis.

122. Describe
the major factors in the competitive environmental factors.

123. What
are the major categories for the internal environmental analysis? What is
included in each area?

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