AJS/534 Leading Group Challenges

Assume you are a newly hired police chief in a medium-sized police department. The political leaders specifically hired you to make changes within the department.
During your career, you have been known as a “Cop’s Cop.” The operations of the new department seem to be stuck in the past. There haven’t been many changes in the past 20 years. More specifically, there has not been a focus on using a team approach toward managing interaction within the department or with the community.
The Common Council of your community has requested a report from you on how you intend to approach this challenge.
Research and analyze a police department in your area to determine the following:
How do they use teams and manage team interaction?
What tactics do they use in their decision making?
How do they successfully interact with their community?
Develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation explaining how you intend to approach this challenge. Your goal is to develop the department into a more productive, high-performance organization. Complete the following in your presentation:
Analyze the basic characteristics of groups in criminal justice organizations and describe how you will apply these characteristics in your department.
Evaluate the concepts of teamwork and high-performance teams in criminal justice organizations and explain how you will use these concepts to achieve your goals.
Analyze the roles that managers must play in order to be effective team members and leaders within a criminal justice organization and present how you will apply these roles as you lead your department.
Explain how your implementation of these strategies in your department will improve internal operations, as well as connect to and interact with the community more efficiently in the 21st century.
Research these issues using the following sources:
Media accounts
Personal interviews
Internet sources
Police department official statements
Other resources you think are important.
Cite a minimum of 3 sources in addition to your textbook.-****** FIND A POLICE DEPARTMENT IN MICHIGAN*******

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