anatomy 101

ABSTRACT: Provide a clear and concise 1paragraph abstract which summarizes the purpose, methods, result, and key.
2-Introduction:Clearly state the purpose of the lab. Provide sufficient background on the topic. Include hypothesis
3:METHODS: Describe procedures outing the step of the experiment with enough details that someone could perform the experiment. Includes description of the equipment used. Step taken, timing etc
4.RESULT-Reports data and observations from experiment result maybe presented in a variety formats to suit the materials written narrative, graphs, tables, dissection, photo, etc. Includes title, tables, units, scaling, captions etc
5.Discussion-Explain how/why the results relate to course concepts indicates if the hypothesis was correct(why or why not)? addresses any question, note any errors or inconsistencies, includes potential topics/questions for future investigation.
Formatting- Spelling, grammer
Follow report template, including tittle page numbering,and required sections. The report is free of spelling grammatical errors. Sentence structure is sound and demonstrate clarity of thought.
References-Internal citations are included along with references list at the end follows APA formatting style.

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