Answering questions using primary sources

InstructionsPurpose: Learning Outcome #4: Apply historical sourcing, close reading, and contextualization skills to primary sources. Use primary sources to answer historical questions.
Task: Download and use the attached Microsoft Office file. The g-doc got corrupted again.
Choose a primary source from this week’s assigned readings (Thursday readings) to analyze using the worksheet.
Fill in all portions of the worksheet following the guidelines provided on the worksheet’s instructions.
Click here for tips on completing the primary source analysis worksheets.
Assessment:Students are assessed on:
the quality/pertinence of details they include related to primary source authors and audiences. Their ability to fairly evaluate the reliability of authors to present-day historians.
the quality of their close readings of primary source texts with the weekly historical question(s) and the weekly lecture content in mind.
how well they articulate the connection between their chosen primary source and weekly historical content and questions.
See the rubric on the worksheet for full details.

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