Anthropology Question

The reflection should be based on Week 1 material from lecture and readings. In addition to giving you the chance to think about a concept or two from the material a little bit more deeply, these reflections are also meant to be an exercise that helps you prepare some thoughts to share in the section.Things you might want to consider: What sorts of questions did the material raise for you? What did you like/find challenging? What sorts of connections can you make between the material and your own lives or pieces of media you’ve seen online?; etc.The above are just examples, of course. The main thing is to keep in mind that the reflection should not be a summary. Make sure you’re reflecting and engaging with the material.
This reflection paper must be 200 words maximum. (Double spaced, MLA). No plagiarism. Please make it close to 200 words or exactly at 200 words.
Here is the google drive link to access the lectures and readings.…
After completing this, please come up with 5 intriguing questions about the lecture/readings provided after you complete the reflection paper.

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