Applied Research in Action

Applied Research in Action

The emergency manager of a Florida city’s Office of Emergency Management would like to better understand the use of social media to communicate with citizens during times of crisis. The manager has asked you to review â€œSocial Media and Crisis Communications: A Survey of Local Governments in Florida,” a recent applied study published on the issue, and report back with details about how the study was conducted, the results, and the implications for policy and practice.

After reading the study, prepare a 750- to 1,050-word essay addressing the following:

  • Given what you learned from this week’s Seminar and readings, which of the purposes of research were the authors of the study seeking to accomplish? Did they effectively serve this purpose in their study? Explain your rationale.
  • What were the hypotheses proposed by the study researchers?
  • Identify the independent and dependent variables in the study. Explain how the researchers conceptualized and operationalized social media usage.
  • What did the researchers find in testing each of their study hypotheses? Summarize the findings.
  • Describe any study limitations that the emergency manager should consider when evaluating the credibility of the study.
  • Based on the conclusions set forth by the study authors, provide suggestions to the emergency manager that will inform social media policy and practice for future emergency crises.

Be sure to cite your sources in the body of your paper and list them on your reference page, consistent with APA guidelines. Remember, applied research is not common knowledge, so it is important to cite to all of your sources of information. 

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