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Assessment Methods:

– A report on a recommended strategic plan for NIKE (2500 words)

Assessment Project Brief:

In the role of marketing and promotion specialist working for a strategic marketing consultant you are to produce a report, which details the strategic development of NIKE. You should emphasize the marketing and promotion strategies that have underpinned that development. You should then provide recommendations for a future strategic plan for this company for the next 5 years, focusing on international and/or online marketing strategies.

Your report should be written in an academic style, but structured into relevant sections. You should use models, tools, frameworks and solutions to specific challenges as appropriate to fashion marketing and promotion and as you see fit. You should also consider theoretical, knowledge based, practical and strategic issues relevant to fashion marketing and promotion as they presented across a range of literature and/ or visual media. Appendices should be kept minumum.

Essential Readings:

Aaker, D. and McLoughlin D (2010), Strategic Market Management. New York: Wiley.

Brennan, R., Baines, P., Garneau, P. and Vos L. (2008) Contemporary Strategic Marketing. 2nd ed.

Chaffey, D. (2011) E-business and E-Commerce Management 4th Edn. Harlow: Prentice Hall

Kapferer, J.N. (2012) The New Strategic Brand Management 4th ed, London: Kogan Page

Jackson, T. and Shaw, D. (2008) Mastering Fashion Marketing. Basingstoke: Palgrave.







Main Body of Report:

Background of Company Into (keep it concise)

Analysis of Strategic Development to Date

– A full situation analysis (fully evidenced): Environmental Analysis(PESTLE), competition analysis

– Strategic Positioning

– Competitive Advantage

– Product and Market Development, including internalization and/or online development if relevant

– Strategic Campaigns

– Brand Management- Identity, Image, Reinforcement

– Any other relevant conceptual framework

Recommendations for future strategic planning (use theory to frame and support)

(As a consultant) you are to give advice about what the company should include in their planned strategy, for example:

– Strategic Direction

– Product and Market Extensions and developments (international/ online)

– Brand Positioning and Management for the future

– Campaign themes for the future

– Maintaining and Developing Competences and Competitive Advantage

There are no prescribed number of frameworks and models, less than 4 however would suggest that you would not have a strong analysis. More than 10-12 might suggest that you are not being selective enough…

Summary/ Conclusion:

References and Bibliography (not in word count)

Appendix (not in word count)

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