Group Paper: The Disruptor’s Dilemma


This paper will be a collective effort from your group. The purpose of the assignment is for you to show competency on one of the major goals of this course – understanding characteristics of the innovation process. The case study that will serve as inspiration for the paper is called The Disruptor’s Dilemma: TiVo and the U.S. Television Ecosystem  (Links to an external site.)(the link is also on the course schedule page).

The paper has three major themes outlined in it that you will read and think about, then apply to another company. The paper will be worth 20% of your overall grade in the course, so quality work is expected in terms of how your group applies the themes from the paper to company.


  • First, read the case study “The Disruptor’s Dilemma Tivo and the U.S. Television Ecosystem.”
    • The overall case study is helpful in understanding what disruptive innovation looks like in the marketplace.
    • The three themes are also helpful, since you will be applying them to another company
      • Theme 1 (pg. 1837)
      • Theme 2 (pg. 1840)
      • Theme 3 (pg 1843)

Paper Sections

  • Section I: Research a company that has disrupted a market with a new product or procedure. Your group should provide
    • a brief overview of the company and its general purpose
    • the disruptive product or service they introduced
    • factors that caused the company’s product or service to be considered disruptive, in your group’s analysis
  • Section II: Compare the three major themes in the article to the company you chose. More specifically, your group is looking for the occurrence of these themes in the context of your chosen company’s innovation and its impact on the market (Make sure to have a subsection in your paper for each theme for readability). Note that you will want to briefly paraphrase your understanding of the themes in each section along with your comparison, so that I can understand where you are coming from.
  • Section III: Think back to our reading and discussion from the first week in the course on “Managing for Creativity” (the article about the work culture at SAS). Again, applying what you learned from the article and incorporating what you learned this week about the company you chose, address the following question in your paper:
    • Does the disruptive company you chose show signs of “engaging customers as creative partners” or “Helping employees do their best work”?


  • Showing group contributions: Please put your initials in parenthesis & bold (rsb) next to contributions you make on the project. This will insure accountability between group members and give the instructor a overall view of who did what.  While the group will all receive the same grade – I reserve the right to make adjustments if I notice discrepancies in the group contributions.
  • Your analysis will consist of no more than 1,800 words; excluding the title, and any potential reference, tables, or charts.
  • Format the paper as follows: 1.15 spacing, Times New Roman Font, Block Justification, 12 Font.
  • If you wish to reference something from the articles noted in the instructions, please do so by referencing the page number and relative position on the page (Example: Page 1831, Left Column). I am not very formal when it comes to referencing so just make sure it is apparent where you would like me to find the information that you are referencing
  • I expect that the paper will be written well, with proper grammar, and will flow logically. Your grade will be partially dependent on these characteristics. Please refer to my Writing Tips PPT.


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