business ethics blogs

Business Ethics Blogs
In this blog series, you are required to apply what you have learned in chapter 7 through submitting one blog ( weights for 2 points ) :
In week 10, using your real life experience as employee, manager or stories from family, friends. Describe a situation where the manager encounters an ethical dilemma related to (Multiple ethical selves, rewards and discipline, saying “Everyone’s Doing It”, people fulfill assigned roles, people do what they’re told, responsibility is diffused in organizations).
What was the issue under concern?
Who were the parties involved into the situation?
How the manager did solve the issue?
Recommend two to three practical advices that would help the manager better in the future.
Instructions :
This is an individual blog based on your personal experience.
Use the chapter subjects as reference.
Write your blog using paragraphs ( one of 200 words would be enough )