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Class, for this activity, prepare to put on your therapist’s hat and imagine that Steven, a young undergrad, is your client. This young man’s life has fallen completely through the cracks and YOU are his last resort for genuine and effective help! S.O.S! Your objective is to first discuss how two of Steven’s psychological issues manifested according to one of the six psychology modern perspectives (listed below) and second, discuss how you would best assist Steven with his mental health challenges as his clinician or therapist in accordance with one of the psychological therapy options discussed in Chapter-15 of our psychology textbook. Why would you select that psychological therapy option (please reference specific details from Steven’s life and how those factors directly correlate with your psychological therapy option) and list two therapy strategies you would implement with Steven according to your selected therapy option. Psychology Modern Perspectives:1. Psychodynamic perspective 2. Behavioristic perspective 3. Humanistic perspective 4. Bio psychological perspective 5. Cognitive perspective 6. Sociocultural perspective. Please reference your textbook, notes, two academic resources, and your power point lectures to assist you with this assignment and cite specific instances which support your suppositions regarding Steven’s condition. Please submit an analysis which includes a substantive response, APA formatting, and proper editing. Also, the APA formatting module can and should be used to further aid you with the production of this composition. Length: 3 full paragraphs. Please reply to one of your peer’s submissions as well to earn full credit! Worth: 40 pts. Due: 3/30/22 on CANVAS. Please refrain from submitting links for this assignment.
STEVE V., A 21-YEAR-OLD COLLEGE STUDENT, is suffering from a crippling bout of depression. He has a long psychiatric history, including two hospitalizations for severe depression and confused thinking. Steve was born in a suburb of San Francisco, California, the only child of an extremely wealthy couple.
His father is a prominent businessman who works long hours and travels frequently. On those rare occasions when he is home, Mr. V. is frequently preoccupied with business and aloof toward his son. When they do interact, Mr. V. often criticizes and ridicules Steve. Mr. V. expresses disappointment that his son seems so timid, weak, and withdrawn. Mr. V. often comments that Steve inherited “bad genes” from his wife’s side of the family. Although Steve is extremely bright and earns good grades, Mr. V. feels that he lacks the “toughness” needed to survive and prosper in today’s competitive world. Once, when 10-year-old Steve was bullied and beaten up by classmates, his father berated Steve for losing the fight.
Although Mrs. V. experiences episodes of severe depression several times each year, she tries to remain active in civic and social affairs. She sometimes treats Steve lovingly but spent little time with him as he was growing up and seldom defends Steve during Mr. V.’s insulting tirades. In reality, Mrs. V. is quite lonely. She feels abandoned by Mr. V. and harbors a deep resentment toward him, which she is frightened to express. When Steve was younger, Mrs. V. often allowed Steve to sleep with her when her husband was away on business trips. She usually dressed minimally on these occasions and was very demonstrative—holding, stroking, and kissing Steve. This behavior continued until Steve was 12, and Mrs. V. caught Steve masturbating under her sheets one morning; she then abruptly refused to allow Steve into her bed.
Steve was raised by a series of full-time nannies. He had few playmates. His birthdays were celebrated with a cake and candles, but the only celebrants were Steve and his mother. By age 10, Steve occupied himself with “mind games,” letting his imagination carry him off on flights of fancy. He frequently imagined himself as a powerful figure—Spiderman or Batman. His fantasies were often extremely violent, involving bloody battles with his enemies.
During high school, Steve became convinced that external forces were controlling his mind and behavior. After seeing a horror movie about exorcism, he was convinced that he was possessed by the devil. He also began to experience episodes of severe depression. On two occasions, suicide attempts led to his hospitalization. He initially did well in college. Recently, however, he has little interest in attending classes or studying for exams.