POWERPOINT – 5 Slides in total (Be creative and use good graphics to present)
–TOTAL 10 MINUTES MAX PER TEAMSlide 1 – Cover pageSlide 2 – Question 1 summarizedSlide 3 – Question 2 summarizedSlide 4 – Question 3 summarizedSlide 5 – Question 4 summarizedSEE POWERPOINT ASSESSMENT RUBRIC BELOWTEAM DYNAMICS– The cover page should mention all students in the group.– If this is a group project, all members of your group are expected to contributeequally to preparing, writing, and presenting the plan. While all members of theteam should take on a role that makes effective use of their capabilities, everyoneshould contribute substantially to the writing of the assignment submission. Oneobjective of this assignment is for you to develop teamwork skills so that you’ll bebetter prepared to work on group projects in your profession. Part of this process islearning how to deal with members who don’t contribute equally. If a member ofyour group isn’t contributing equally, you may need to:– Discuss it with the member as well as the rest of the team– Use persuasion to motivate the member– Ask the member to leave the project.– Members who are asked to leave (by the entire team) because they haven’t donetheir share of the work will be required to complete the assignment individually.– Work effectively with team to reach a common conclusion