Choose several global companies and compare how they hedge currency risk.

This is an open research project. Below is what my professor has said.
There are many websites that provide help for writing a paper. There are several formats: APA, Chicago, or old sources about writing such as Turabian. You can use any accepted format for your research project. You can cite your sources using footnotes, endnotes, or citations at the end of a sentence or paragraph. You can put tables and graphs within the body of your writing, or you can put all tables and graphs at the end of your writing. Just be consistent. Learn from paper-writing websites when an internal reference is required. In past semesters, many students have provided an internal citation about once a page or even less frequently. This is not adequate. Read carefully about when a citation is needed.
The Use of Scholarly Material. Doing good research takes practice. Chances are you do not get it right the first time. How to use scholarly material is one of the more difficult parts of the research process. Ideally, you will read many high-quality papers and extract the key ideas from each. Then, compare the many sources that you read. Think about what you have read. What are the differences? What are the similarities? Does the analysis make sense? Do you agree or disagree with it? And, of course, why? What are yourconclusions? Once you have thought about your readings and analyzed any data, then write your paper in your words. Do not use someone else’s words. I know this will be a real challenge for some students. But, editing your work, rewriting whole sections when needed, will make you a better writer. This can be time consuming and painful. But, the benefits are real and enduring. Strong writing skills are necessary for long-term career success.

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