Choosing a Doctoral Research Topic

Complete Doctoral Research Document Worksheet
Research Topic: “How Covid-19 restructured business organizational standards and processes, Pre, During, and Post”
It can be challenging to choose a doctoral research topic! There are
so many topics that may be relevant to your field of study and your
interests as a scholar-practitioner. And yet, you must identify one
specific research topic for your dissertation or ADP.
You may know
already what topic you would like to pursue for your dissertation or
ADP. For those of you who aren’t sure, you may be thinking “but how to
choose?” For assistance, review the Choosing a Topic

Download Choosing a Topic

presentation and begin to fill out the Doctoral Research Alignment Worksheet

Download Doctoral Research Alignment Worksheet

After reviewing the resources, please
indicate the topic you are considering pursuing for your dissertation or
ADP and how you arrived at your decision. Be sure to include these
components that are useful to topic selection:
Community of practice
Areas of expertise
Connection to your program of study

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