Consumer Behavior Journal

Your submission must include one entry for each of the following modules:
Your weekly journal entries should go beyond merely repeating or summarizing what was covered in the chapter or video. They should show provide a detailed description of the consumer information processing and/or decision-making event. Use of correct, relevant terms related to the week’s topic is REQUIRED. Underline the terms used. Journal entries will be judged on the quality of their content and the professionalism of the thoughts and ideas expressed.
Journal entry title example: Module 3: Perception Processes while Grocery Shopping
Journal entry outline (All 3 sections below must be included in your paper):
1. Summary
A brief (2-3 sentence) description of your consumer behavior experience (what happened, where, when, with who) and the consumer behavior/consumer psychology concepts that you will discuss in reference to your experience. For example: Last week as I grocery shopped at Publix with a friend around lunch time, we noticed the aroma of fresh baked bread throughout the store. This affected my perception of the store and increased my attention to the bakery items.
2. Consumer Behavior Experience
A detailed (1-2 paragraph) explanation of the consumer behavior processes you used and/or that were triggered by stimuli in your environment. For example, The fragrance of the bread exceeded my sensory threshold and caused me to retrieve from memory images of delicious, warm fresh-baked bread…My attention to ready-to-eat foods caused a perceptual bias that made everything in the bakery seem delicious and desirable…
Suitable experiences include, but are not limited to: brick-and-mortar retail shopping, radio ads, customer service, online shopping, magazine/radio/billboard/facebook ads, product usage, product sampling, vending machine purchase, salon/nail spa/spa/barber service, salesperson interaction, etc.
3. Conclusion
A brief (1 paragraph) description of the implications of your consumer behavior experience for marketing strategy, ethics, and/or consumer well-being.
For example, Stores such as Publix can use pleasant food scents like fresh-baked bread as sensory marketing to increase attention to bakery items…Consumers must be aware that this is a marketer tactic and be mindful of how store scents affect their feelings and desire…
Use the journal entry outline titles (summary, consumer behavior experience, conclusion) as headings in your paper
You may include a relevant visual to illustrate your experience. This is optional.
Paragraph length: 1 paragraph= minimum 100 words, maximum 150 words
1-inch margins, double-spaced 10- or 11-point Arial font.
Proofread. Each and every spelling error, grammar error, and/or incorrect term usage after the fifth (5th) occurrence will incur a 1 point deduction from the total assignment score.
Use of correct, relevant consumer behavior/consumer psychology terms from the textbook that relate to the module you are writing about is REQUIRED.
Underline the terms used.
Papers will be judged on the quality of their content and the professionalism of the thoughts and ideas expressed.
Use the file attached to get an idea of how this assignment should be completed.

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