Contemporary Correctional System DQ Question

In 300 words or more write a response to the ethical issue listed below.
Ethical Issue:
What Would You Do?
You are an assistant district attorney who has been assigned a heinous murder case. In this case, a young man burglarizing a house at night when the occupants were sleeping. The man of the house confronted the youth with a baseball bat, but the youth shot him. The man’s wife screamed and ran into the bedroom to call the police, but the youth caught up with her, beat her, raped her, and then shot her also. The young man, who committed the offense on his 18th birthday, was caught later that night. You now need to decide whether you are to seek the death penalty, which is being demanded by an outraged community. Because the young man was only hours into adulthood when he committed the crime, you are urged by an anti-death penalty colleague not to seek it. What will you do and why?

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