create a training resource on Reflective Practice

Your employer has asked you to create a training resource on Reflective Practice that can be used for training in your department. It should be 7 to 10 slides long. All group members must contribute to developing a Powerpoint presentation. See the grading rubric for expectations.
Address the following questions in your presentation:
What is Reflective Practice? Do research on what it is and explain it.
What is the Value of Reflective Practice? Explain the benefit of it for business. (examples: customer service, client care, etc.)
How do you do Reflective Practice?
Methods, templates, etc.
Include a Reflective Practice activity you can demonstrate for your audience.
Any information you use from your sources must have a link/source on that slide. You can reduce the font size of the link so it takes up less room on the slide, but it must be there. You must also have a “Sources” slide at the end of the presentation that shows all of the sources you’ve used, even ones you didn’t quote in your slides. Use APA format for your “Sources” slide.
Don’t overcrowd your slides with text.
Make them interesting to look at with colors/graphics, charts, video clips, etc.
Make your activity straightforward.
Remember that this slideshow will be used for “training.”

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