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PC technicians are being asked to perform more and more tasks. In the 80’s a PC technician’s job ended at the network cable. In the 90’s the PC technician’s job ended at the punch down block in the server room. In the 21st century the role of a PC technician is again expanded, with service requests for mobile devices, VOIP telephones and data backup and restore.
At the heart of all of these tasks is troubleshooting. Without it, the technician abandons the decision-tree and fault-domain theories of troubleshooting and resorts to the same repair attempts end users perform – a best guess. When troubleshooting a laser printer it’s important to use a symptom/cause decision tree based on the seven steps of laser printing. Printing failures can be quickly isolated when you know these seven steps.
Using your own words, your post begins with listing the seven steps of laser printing and what occurs during each step. Finish by giving one symptom of printing failure that can occur at each step, and explain the relationship between the symptom and the failure. An example: Symptom – When handling a document that recently exited the laser printer you notice that the toner is smeared. Failure – fuser roller did not heat the toner and the toner failed to bond to the paper.
Here is a link to a video on the seven steps of laser printing. Copy the link and paste in a browser:
Your response will require 100 words minimum. It is recommended that you type your response in a word processing program and paste it in the reply window.

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