Economics Question

This is a paper where you present *your* economic history. You will research and describe your ancestors and discuss why they came to the United States. What was going on in their home countries that motivated them to leave? What opportunity did the United States represent to them? What jobs did they have in their old country, and what jobs did they take in the United States? How well did their life in the U.S. live up to their expectations?
To do this assignment:
(1) Interview your parents, grandparents, and any other family members who can shed light on this topic.
(2) Research and describe what was going on in the home country at the time your ancestors left and compare that to the United States during the same time period.
Explain what conditions and prospects motivated them to leave their home country. How did they fare once they got here? What was life like for those who remained behind? If your family still resides abroad, explain why *you* came to study in the United States, and compare the economic opportunities in your home country with the United States.

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