gender and advertising

STEP 1: Search magazines, websites, newspapers, blogs, or other media venues to find advertisements. Search for advertisements with people in them that are related in some way to sex, gender, or sexuality, as discussed in this module. They can be either print ads or commercials. 

STEP 2:  Find one ad — either one that portrays a “negative” or stereotypical view on gender or sexuality or one that portrays a “positive” view on gender or sexuality. Post pictures or provide links to these advertisements.

STEP 3: Answer the following questions about in a properly formatted paper of 250-500 words.

  1. How does this advertisement portray gender, sex, or sexuality? What is the ad intentionally trying to sell? What unintentional messages might it also be sending?
  2. Who is the intended audience of this advertisement? Are there any stereotypes in this ad? How do you think this ad is received? Do you think it is effective? Explain.
  3. If you could make adjustments or changes to this advertisement, what would you do, and why?

You may choose APA or MLA but you must use either format consistently throughout your paper.

Criteria Ratings     Points
Application Completed all steps as required and without error. Missing one step or has completed one step partially. Missing more than one step or has multiple partial completions. __/5
Analysis Answered analysis questions  Partially answered analysis questions  Did not not thoroughly answer analysis questions  __/10
Mechanics Paper uploaded prior to deadline and is properly formatted using APA or MLA Paper uploaded prior to deadline and has 2 – 3 formatting mistakes.  Paper has more than 3 formatting mistake; paper may have been submitted after the due date __/5
      Total: __/20

Choose a submission type

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