General management 105

1) Write your analysis using complete sentences and paragraphs (In 3-4 pages, 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1-inch margins).
2) Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your firm. For the resources or capabilities that are distinctive competencies or weaknesses:
Question of Value: Explain whether the resource lowers costs or increases customers’ willingness to pay?
Question of Rarity*: Explain whether other competitors also possess the same or similar resources. Name the competitors.
Question of Imitation*: Examine the costs faced by competitors to either copy or substitute for the resource. Explain the competitors’ profitability and their potential to make additional capital investments. If there is a barrier to imitation diagnose whether the barrier is legal, unique historical conditions, social complexity, or causal ambiguity.
Question of Organization: Examine whether the company is organized to exploit its distinctive competencies. Describe the leadership, culture, control systems, or structure that supports the distinctive competence(ies)
4) Confirm your analysis by examining the current profitability (past 5-10 years) and profit growth that is consistent with your analysis (this will fall under the performance and strategies section of your report.
5) Reference your sources using APA or MLA format.
compare and contrast your firm against its competitors. This is part of the question of Rarity and Imitation.

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