Hello everyone I need help doing research about a company I’m currently doing internship with

it’s mobile bar trucks that carries alcoholic and none alcoholic beverages.
Their instagram is @taptruckusaTheir website is www.taptruckusa.com
My job is to write captions for photos they send to me weekly and i have to go to their instagram get the make and model of their truck and their name sometimes. I’ll provide you an example of what these captions should look like also please check their Instagram it’s so important to do research.
Checkboxes are –
1. Opening sentences to grab customers attention that relate to specific image (Something catchy, alliterations with words, common sayings, play on words, incorporating the setting, etc.)
3. Closing Sales Pitch (have fun and get creative with this and don’t be afraid to use lingo) Nobody likes a generic and boring sales pitch.

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