Hi I need an answer for this question please.Hello AhmedI find the statement you made…

Hi , I need an answer for this question please.Hello Ahmed,I find the statement you made interesting,”It must be noted that in Christianity women are not subject to pleasure and sexual gratification but some Islamic law have turned women into the role of sexual gratifier.” Is it possible all women are subject to being objects of sexual gratification, whether Christianity or Muslim? Men are men religion isn’t what makes our sex drive, “Right?”Would the “Temporary Marriage” be something Americans classify as living together?Our text book made an interesting statement that a woman can expect to be molested if she isn’t totally covered. What is your opinion on this statement by our Fisher, 2014 text book?Private behaviors are also becoming more traditional. In particular, to honor the qur’anic encouragement of physical modesty to protect women from be molested, many Muslim women have adopted hijab (veiling), covering their bodies except for hands, face, and feet, as they had not done for decades.Fisher, 2014, p. 418-19.

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